Artichoke Tea Benefits

Artichoke field

As the name suggests, the main constituent of this tea is Cynara cardunculus, commonly known as artichoke. It is native to Southern Europe, and is usually consumed as a vegetable. However, for those who don’t like it as a vegetable, it is made into a herbal tea which can be consumed at any time of the day. Artichoke is a rich source of carbohydrates, proteins, and several vitamins and minerals. It also has a high content of antioxidants in it. Healing property of artichoke is due to the presence of its main active ingredient, ‘cynarin’.

Benefits of Drinking Artichoke Tea

  • This herbal tea can prevent infections of the gallbladder, kidneys, and liver because it said to have anti-bacterial and anti-inflammatory properties.
  • Flower heads of artichokes reportedly contain the highest antioxidant content among all vegetables, due to which it is believed to be capable of fighting against certain forms of cancer.
  • Regular intake of this tea helps in toning up muscles of the body and maintaining them in a healthy condition.
  • It can be used in conjunction with medication for the treatment of hepatitis, and is also known to prevent the occurrence of birth defects.
  • It is beneficial for the liver. It promotes production of bile, which in turn speeds up elimination of cholesterol and toxins from the liver. Improved liver function and gallbladder function prevents liver impairment and other related diseases.
  • As the tea is good for the liver, any damage caused due to excessive consumption of alcohol can probably be recovered by its regular intake.
  • Individuals with diabetes can benefit from this tea as it helps in lowering blood sugar levels. However, it must not be completely relied upon for the control of diabetes, but can be used as an adjunct to medical therapy.
  • This herbal tea is also good at relieving discomfort due to indigestion. It soothes the internal walls of the stomach and facilitates secretion of digestive juices. It also helps in reviving a lost appetite due to indigestion.
  • Other gastrointestinal problems like nausea, vomiting, diarrhea, constipation, heartburn, bloating, and stomach pain can also be managed by drinking artichoke herbal tea.
  • Cardiovascular diseases like atherosclerosis etc., can be prevented as artichokes are known to lower the level of bad cholesterol and increase the level of good cholesterol in the body.
  • People who are advised to limit or avoid caffeine usually have to cut down on tea and coffee. Such people can safely enjoy this beverage as it does not contain caffeine.
  • It is great for people who are obese or are looking forward to lose weight. This is because artichokes are considered to promote weight loss by reducing excess body fat.
  • Being a potent diuretic, it facilitates the elimination of urea and prevents retention of water in the body.
  • Last, but not the least, it imparts a glowing, clear skin that everyone wishes for!

How to Make Artichoke Tea at Home

Making artichoke tea at home is simple, and does not require a lot of time and effort. All you need is some water and a few artichokes to start with. You can make use of any of the three quick and easy methods given below to make this herbal tea at home.

Method #1: When cooking artichokes, people often tend to discard its thorny leaves. However, these leaves are in fact full of nutrition. To make use of these discarded leaves, boil 2 cups of water and add 12-15 of them, and let it boil for 5 minutes. Strain the liquid in a cup and drink it twice a day to stay fit and healthy.

Method #2: Mash an artichoke and boil it with 2 cups of water for 20 minutes or so. Strain the liquid to separate the remnants, let it cool a bit, and enjoy with a hint of honey in it. This tea has a sweet taste of its own. So adjust the sweetness of the beverage as per choice.

Method #3: Separate the leaves, stalk, and roots, and wash them properly. Add about 100 grams of this in 1 liter of water and bring it to a boil. Once it starts boiling, put off the flame and let it stand for 10 minutes. Strain and store the light-green liquid in another container. Drink 2-3 times a day, or as and when required.

For those who do not want to take the effort of making tea at home, tea bags of artichokes are available in the market. Tea bags must be dipped in a cup of hot water for about 5 minutes to get the beverage ready to drink. Markets are flooded with several brands of artichoke tea. It is always better to buy one of good quality in order to reap all its benefits.

The best quality artichoke herbal tea is produced in the Da Lat region of Vietnam. People residing in China, Vietnam, and the Far Eastern countries love to relish on this healthy, refreshing beverage. But with increased awareness of its benefits, people around the world have started consuming it. The tea is caffeine-free and full of nutritional content. Roots and flowers of the plant are used to manufacture herbal tea. However, some manufacturers additionally blend other ingredients in it. When consumed either hot or cold, it has a sweet taste of its own and a characteristic pleasant aroma.

It is true that benefits of artichoke tea are many, and it is good for a person’s health. However, you must not start consuming it, unless you’ve consulted a physician or a dietitian first. This is basically a precaution as it may not be suitable for everybody. Individuals allergic to dandelion or chamomile have high chances of being allergic to artichoke as well. Also, this herbal tea is not safe for people with gallstones or other kidney-related problems. Therefore, discuss it with your physician and if there is no problem, go ahead and enjoy this refreshing tea whenever you feel like!

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