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In September 2009, the papers reported of an obese lady, Samantha Clowe (34), who collapsed at home due to a heart failure, after following a rigorous low calorie LighterLife diet for 11 weeks. There are many more anecdotes of how people on crash diets lost their lives by succumbing to heart attacks, etc. Crash diet plans are nothing but starvation diets, which permit a person to consume a very small amount of calories. However, do they help lose weight fast?

Fast Weight Loss and Crash Diets

Fast weight loss and crash diets obviously go hand in hand. After all, the severe diet restrictions involved in them are sure to result in quick weight loss. Crash diets may conduce to quick weight loss, however, they are deleterious ways of losing weight, because they deal with nutrition deprivation. Following crash diet plans will conduce to quick weight loss, however, the weight lost is not fat. All that happens is that the body’s limited supply of reserved glycogen (carbohydrate form) is used up, along with water, which is why one appears to lose weight really rapidly. However, as soon as you begin eating normally again, you will put on weight. In fact, most people on crash diets begin binging, thereby gaining more weight than before.

Besides, putting on additional weight fast, there are some other side effects of such crash diets that work fast. Malnutrition will occur as a side effect, because the body was deprived of nutrients like protein, carbohydrate, vitamins and minerals. Moreover, various eating disorders such as anorexia nervosa, may also stem from such crash diets. Early aging, osteoporosis, muscle and tissue loss are some other negative effects of crash diets. Also, don’t forget the depression people on such diets hit, when they realize they are putting on more weight, after losing almost 10 to 20 pounds. Vital nutrition deprivation involved in crash diets has serious consequences on one’s body and the organ systems. Some side effects may be visible right away, while some may take a long time before the damage is known and then it may be too late.

Different Crash Diet Plans

There is nothing like the best crash diets that work fast. No crash diet is healthy! All are equally unhealthy. Nevertheless, let us have a look at some popular ones.

Chicken Soup Diet
This diet plan permits a person to have breakfast each day and then consume only chicken soup the rest of the day. The recipe for chicken soup has to be followed strictly, as it has restricted ingredients. The items allowed to be eaten for breakfast are listed down as well, from which one can choose to have any one. This diet works by getting rid of kilocalories added to the body from the diet. By consuming chicken soup everyday for the next 7 days, one can reduce the intake of unwanted calories, thereby lose weight fast.


Cabbage Soup Diet Plan
This 7-day cabbage soup diet plan requires a person to drink cabbage soup for the next one week. One can also eat low calorie vegetables (no baked potato), fruits and drink tea (without sugar), black coffee and cranberry juice along with the soup, although not at the same time. The concept behind this cabbage soup diet plan is that somehow cabbage is capable of flushing out fat from the body, thereby helping a person lose unwanted fat. However, this claim has no scientific backing to it. One does lose weight with this diet plan, but, it’s only water weight. Read more on the cabbage soup diet side effects to understand the deleterious aspect of this diet plan.


Maple Syrup Diet Plan
This diet plan entails drinking sugared water for two weeks. In this diet one eats nothing for a fortnight and apparently drinks only a detox drink. The detox drink is prepared from Madal Bal Natural Tree Syrup that is made from the sap of maple and palm trees. 2 tablespoons of natural tree syrup is added to 2 tablespoons of freshly squeezed lemon juice, a pinch of cayenne pepper, ginger and a half a pint of hot or cold water. One can drink as much maple solution as one wants for the next two weeks. Such deprivation of calories ultimately leads to weight loss.


Tuna Diet Plan
This is a 3-day crash diet plan, which claims to help lose 12-15 pounds of weight in a short span of 3 days. Unlike the other diet plans, one does not need to eat only tuna for the next three days, instead tuna diet also includes lean meat, plain toast, vegetables, tea, coffee, etc. This tuna diet plan limits the intake of calories to only 1000 per day, which is why the person seems to lose weight fast within such as short time.


Grapefruit Diet Plan
As the name suggests, grapefruit forms a major part of this grapefruit diet plan. Loaded with vitamin C, simple carbohydrates and fiber, this fruit has no fat and is low in calories. This is a 12-day diet plan which aims at losing considerable amount of weight in a short period of time. One is supposed to eat half a grapefruit or drink 8 oz of grapefruit juice, before every meal to benefit from its fat-burning enzymes. The diet plan does not omit breakfast, lunch and dinner, however, the quantities of food items permitted are again limited.


Bread and Butter Diet Plan
This is a four-day diet plan that permits consumption of a slice of whole wheat bread with a teaspoon of butter on it at every meal. Small portions of broiled tuna and chicken are allowed at dinner time. Limited portions of vegetables and eggs are also permitted during this course. The downside of this diet plan is that it is a low-calorie diet plan, restricting the calories to only 850 a day. People who have tried this crash diet have often complained of hunger.


Cottage Cheese Diet Plan
The calorie restriction is about 1000 to 1200 calories a day for a period of 4 to 5 days. In this diet plan cottage cheese is consumed for breakfast, lunch and dinner. Grapefruit is also consumed at every meal, because it is believed that when grapefruit is combined with a high protein food item like cottage cheese, weight loss takes place faster. Small portions of vegetables and fruits are also included in the diet plan. The principle behind this diet plan is that the cottage cheese provides enough protein to the body and the calorie restriction helps reduce weight.


Atkins Diet Plan
This is a low carbohydrate diet plan, in which little or no carbohydrates are consumed. However, protein and fats are allowed. The logic behind this diet plan is that if the body is not supplied with carbohydrates, it will automatically begin burning the fat deposits in the body for energy. This in turn will help lose weight quickly. The best part about this diet plan is that one does not feel hungry between meals and is opted by most meat and vegetable lovers.


Scarsdale Diet Plan
This is a 14-day diet plan that claims to help lose about 20 pounds, while consuming a low fat/ low carbohydrate diet. The diet allows consumption of fruits, vegetables and lean protein, however, the total calorie intake should be less than 1000 calories. This diet plan also promotes the use of herbal appetite suppressants to curb one’s appetite. Once the 14 days are over, the person will have to maintain a specific diet for the next 14 days, which involves lesser food restrictions and at the same time maintaining one’s calorie chart.

The very fact that we want to resort to such unhealthy, deleterious ways of losing weight, by crash diets, means that we are unwilling to eat and exercise sensibly. If you really want to lose weight and get that body into shape, stop starving yourself and start eating regular healthy meals. A balanced diet and exercise are the two mandatory requirements for losing weight. A lifestyle change is what is required!

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