Dangers of Crash Dieting

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So, you have a wedding to attend in a week’s time? The problem is that you have gained weight recently and have outgrown the dress that you planned to wear for the occasion! What do you do now? Spend a good amount of dollars on buying a new dress or lose some quick weight by going on a crash diet and fit into your favorite outfit? Knowing women, most of them, especially the ones who are unaware of the side effects of crash dieting, will opt for the latter! Only if they knew how disadvantageous crash diets can be in the long run, would they think otherwise!

How Crash Diets Harm your Health

First and foremost, pick up any crash diet, be it the lemonade diet or the Acai Berry diet or the cabbage soup diet, almost all of them stress on eating particular kinds of foods and eliminating others from the diet. The foods that are eliminated are essentially healthy foods which supply the body with the nutrients, vitamins and minerals that it needs to function properly. So, simply imagine what happens when the body does not receive these essentials. Can it remain healthy? Obviously no! Let us know in detail about the disadvantages of crash dieting.

Weakened Immunity
If the body is not provided with the right nourishment, its immunity gets weakened. Due to this, a person is much more likely to contract infections and diseases. Thus, going on a crash diet is like giving an invitation to all kinds of infections and diseases.

Lack of Energy
Extreme fatigue, dizziness, inability to concentrate or focus, all these are commonly experienced by people who are on a diet. These conditions can adversely affect the work performance as well.

Weight Gain
Yes! It’s true! Crash dieting can actually lead to weight gain. Reason being that when the body receives lesser calories, it starts relying on the stores of fat and energy that are already there in it. This means that the metabolism of the body becomes slow and thus, a person is not able to eliminate fats quickly, leading to weight gain.

Diseases and Adverse Health Conditions
Crash dieting can have adverse effects on your heart health. High blood pressure, risk of a heart attack, blockage of arteries – these are some of the conditions that can develop if a person goes on a diet every now and then. Due to lack of nutrition caused by crash dieting, some other health conditions and diseases that can possibly occur are – diabetes, osteoporosis, kidney stones, liver failure, high cholesterol, fractures, gallstones and eating disorders like binge eating, bulimia, etc.

Mood Swings
Crash dieting, not only affects the physical health of a person, but his mental health too. When on a crash diet, due to the restrictions on the kind of food a person can take, an individual ends up thinking about food all the time. Moreover, lack of proteins and fats in the body can have an adverse effect on the mood too.

Undesirable Appearance
This is not exactly a danger, yet for some people, it can be! Gaining and losing weight, again and again, owing to crash dieting, can deteriorate the condition of one’s skin and hair. Hair loss, development of fine lines on the skin, skin sagging, these can all result from crash dieting. Thus, the very purpose of going on a diet i.e. to look good, is lost!

Thus, it can be concluded that crash dieting is the last means that you should use for losing weight. If you are really serious about your health and want to attain your ideal weight, exercising everyday, taking a balanced diet, giving up on fatty, fried and sugary foods as well as drinking sufficient water everyday, is the key.

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