Deliciously Healthy Low-carb Drinks: Recipes You Were Waiting For

Low-carb drinks

The importance of healthy eating and drinking habits is catching up with people gradually but evidently. The ill effects of junk food and carbonated drinks and the need for healthier substitutes are being continuously encouraged. The junk food and carbonated drink producers might still be retaining a fair share of loyal customers, but the number of people switching to healthy options is on the rise for sure. Even the manufacturers of energy drinks might have flooded the beverage markets with their low-carb versions, but there exists a wide range of low-carb drinks that you can make at home yourself instead of leaving your health concerns at the mercy of commercial beverage producers.
Recipes for Drinks Low in Carbohydrates
A hot cup of herbal tea or a low-carb coffee drink might be the perfect way to get you started for the day. These exciting drinks are great for any time of the day, are extremely healthy and at the same time, lip smacking.

With the increasing trend of low-carb and sugar-free diets, several companies have come up with healthy sugar substitutes for almost any high-carb ingredient. There exists a wide variety of low-carb substitutes for any and everything starting from the basic ingredients like milk or yogurt to sweeteners and flavoring agents. Using these ingredients, it is possible to replicate some of your favorite drinks starting from indulgent coffee drinks to creamy smoothies.

Low-Carb Irish Café Latte
Irish cafe latte
Soy milk/skimmed milk/1% milk – 1½ cup
Instant coffee powder – 2 teaspoon
Dark chocolate syrup – 2 tablespoons
Sugar substitute – stevia (1 sachet or more)
Non-fat whipped cream – 1 tablespoon

Combine all the ingredients and make sure the soymilk/skimmed milk/1% milk is chilled beforehand. Use a blender to mix all the ingredients until you get a smooth homogeneous mixture. Pour it into a glass and enjoy.

Herbal Tea
Herbal tea makes for an exciting and healthy low-carb drink that is a great substitute for any carbonated beverage or energy drink. Herbal tea is nothing but a herbal concoction of several herbs, dried flowers, seeds or even roots in some cases. The teas are either exclusively made of herbs or contain a mixture of tea with herbs. Herbal teas are not only refreshing but many of them also have several health benefits like stress relief, improvement in digestion and so on.
Refreshing Peppermint Tea
peppermint tea
Peppermint leaves – 8 ounces
Lemongrass – 8 ounces
Fennel seeds – 8 ounces
Sugar substitute – Stevia (1 sachet or more)

Heat up the water and wait for it to start boiling, before pouring this into a cup. Pop into this the peppermint leaves, lemongrass and fennel seeds – after about a minute of letting the ingredients saturate its flavors into the hot water, strain the water and make sure none of the bits are left behind. Add in your stevia and stir well. For more herb-based options, try tulsi which is a world-renowned herb for its multiple health-related properties.

Soothing Smoothies
It is not very difficult to create exciting smoothies that are easy on the carb meter. The key is to eliminate sugar, and introduce fresh fruits that contain minimum sugar levels and are beneficial for health. Use of spices and herbs like cinnamon, ginger, mint, lemongrass etc. can add to its flavor and make it tastier. In addition to berries, which are great for low-carb concoctions, you can also use fruits like plums, pears, apples, papaya, muskmelon, guava, and grapefruit.
Strawberry Mint Breeze
strawberry mint breeze
Fresh strawberries – 2 cups
Freshly squeezed lemon juice – ¾ cup
Sugar substitute – Stevia (one sachet or more)
Fresh mint leaves – 2 or 3
Ice-cold water – 2 cups

Chop up the strawberries roughly and add the pieces to a blender along with the mint leaves, lemon juice, and stevia. Blitz until you get a smooth mixture. Add the chilled water into the blender and turn it up again. Strain the mixture and serve chilled.

Peach and Apricot Blast
peach and apricot cocktail
This is a creamy and delightful low-carb smoothie, which combines luscious peaches and apricots with healthy soy milk and a dash of almonds. The almonds really give this smoothie a very creamy texture whereas the peach and apricots blend well with the soy milk to create a delicious concoction that can be enjoyed at any time of the day. If you are avoiding high-calorie desserts, this is good enough to satiate your sweet tooth.

Soy milk – 1 cup
Chopped peach -1 large (remove seed)
Apricot pulp – 2 tablespoons
Almonds – 4 pieces

Soak the almonds in lukewarm water for at least four to five hours beforehand. The soy milk should be chilled prior to adding it to the mix. Using a blender, drop into it all your ingredients including the almonds that have been soaking, and give it a good blitz until it takes on a smooth finish. Strain your mixture and pour into a glass before slurping it all up.

These mixes are good for those who want to keep an eye on their waistlines where, as you can see, you aren’t really compromising on anything delicious as part of the recipes. Experiment with varied low-carb ingredients to give yourself a real treat.

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