Green Tea Oil for Warts

Warts are small, non cancerous growth on the top layer of the skin surface. These flesh colored eruptions are about one-fourth inch in diameter and often appear in clusters. They can be found in various parts of the body like face, hands, soles of the feet and genital area. This is a skin infection caused by human papillomavirus (HPV). This virus enters the outer layer of the skin through cuts or damaged skin layer and multiplies in number to cause infection. Warts are usually painless but if the location of the wart is such that it gets rubbed repeatedly against other surfaces, then it hurts a lot. Small children and young adults are more prone to warts, but adults may also get this infection. Genital warts in particular are highly contagious in nature and may spread from one person to the other through direct contact.
What is Green Tea Oil?
Green tea oil is often referred to as green tea seed oil. This is because the oil is obtained from seeds of green tea shrub named Camellia sinensis. The seeds of the plants are first removed and dried up in air thoroughly. Then they are pressed in an oil press to extract out the oil which appears as a golden yellow colored liquid. Then it is refined and processed to remove all the unwanted impurities from it. This natural oil thus found has excellent healing qualities and has been in use for various therapeutic purposes for several thousands of years. Many people get confused and assume that green tea oil is the same as tea tree oil. However, the fact remains that both these oils are obtained from two different plants.
Green tea oil is popularly used as an alternative medicine for the treatment of warts. In general, warts take a long time to heal on their own, which can vary from 6 months to 2 years. There are various options for wart treatment. However, many times, warts do not respond well to the medical treatments and have to be continued for a long time before one can get some relief. In such cases, people often fear that the chemical components of the medications may cause harm to their delicate skin after a prolonged use. It may also happen that the warts reappear all over again even after the completion of treatment. For all these reasons, people prefer to use a naturally occurring substance like green tea oil.
The beneficial effects of green tea oil on warts are mainly owing to the presence of catechins in it. This component has excellent antiviral properties that can fight off the viral skin infection really well. Besides, it is a rich source of strong antioxidants that can neutralize the harmful effects of free radicals and thus prevent skin damage. It contains good amount of vitamins A, B and E that are good for improving the overall condition of the affected skin. If the skin breakouts are painful, then application of this oil can bring down the pain.
Apply the oil directly on the wart once a day and continue to use it unless all the warts disappear completely. There are a number of advantages of using green tea oil over other ointments that are used for this purpose. When it is applied on the infected skin, it gets readily absorbed into the layers of the skin and it starts its action almost instantly. This oil is nontoxic in nature and does not contain any additives, preservatives or harsh chemicals. Therefore, you can use it on sensitive skin of the genital area and anal area without the fear of any side effect. If you have warts on your face, you hesitate to use the medicated creams on facial skin as you feel that the skin may turn dry or fine lines may appear on it. You will be surprised to know that green tea oil has amazing astringent qualities and also moisturizes the skin well. So, it will not only help you to get rid of dry skin problems and but also delay appearance of the skin wrinkles. Thus you can get a smooth, healthy and younger looking skin after the wart treatment.
Thus, you can see that using green tea oil for warts is an absolutely safe option and it does not have any damaging effects on the skin surface. However, those people with underlying medical conditions like diabetes, weak immune system or nerve damage should undergo treatment for warts under the supervision of a doctor only. Such patients have to go for a regular checkup where the doctor will monitor the skin condition of infected part quite closely and suggest remedial measures.

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