Is Dieting Bad for You?

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Various diet plans available in the market such as the Atkins diet, general motors diet, no carbohydrates diet, high-protein diets, etc., promise magical results as far as weight loss is concerned. Studies have shown that more than two-thirds of the dieters regain their weight, and end up heavier than they weighed before dieting. The following information will help you decide whether dieting is good or bad for your health.

Facts on Diets

Most Diets are Unbalanced and Unhealthy
Most of the weight loss diet plans involve cutting out one whole food group from the diet. For example, no carbohydrates diet plan, works on the principle of eliminating all foods that contain carbohydrates. According to dietitians, it is necessary for the body to get its daily dose of carbohydrates, proteins, and even fats. Although these diet plans do induce weight loss to some extent, they can also cause many deficiencies in the body.

Diets Cause Energy Loss
Most diets work because the calorie intake of the person is greatly reduced. When a person eats lesser food and loses weight, his energy levels fall, and he may feel very tired. Also, when the body does not get enough fats from the consumed food, it tends to use all the fat cells that are already present in the body, resulting in more loss of energy and the person feeling even more tired.

Results of Diets are Temporary
The main drawback of any diet program is that it puts restrictions on lots of things such as what to eat, when to eat, how much to eat, etc. Most of the people are unable to continue with these restrictions and tend to give up their diet plans midway. Moreover, even if weight loss does happen, the person might not be able to sustain it lifelong, and may pile on weight, once he goes back to his normal diet.

Failed Diet Plans Cause Mental Stress
It is not just the body, but the mind too gets affected by the various diet plans. Since the failure rate of diets is quite high, it has a very high probability of causing stress and anxiety in a person. A person who fails to get positive results from dieting is likely to get depressed and demotivated. This will result in mental stress, which is harmful for the health.

On a concluding note, it is quite clear that dieting can be unhealthy, both for the body as well as the mind. For losing weight, the best remedy is to exercise everyday, drink lots of water, follow a balanced diet, which is a mix of all food groups, and eat smaller portions of food, as well as smaller meals, five to six times a day.

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