Lemonade Diet Pills

The original lemon detox diet consists of freshly squeezed lemon, cayenne pepper (or ginger root), maple syrup (or natural tree syrup) and distilled water. Most celebrities experienced fast weight loss with the help of this diet and the diet became popular all over the world. But many people find it difficult to follow this diet though they wish to lose weight fast. So, pharmaceutical companies have started producing lemonade diet pills which contain the ingredients of a lemon detox diet.

Lemonade Pills to Lose Weight Fast

Manufacturers claim that lemonade pills contain natural ingredients and they help cleanse your body. The pills come with a meal plan and an exercise program which helps enhance the process of losing weight. The meal plan aids in detoxification of the body. Transformation of master cleanse diet into a pill form is suitable for people who lead a hectic or fast life. But, people need to follow the ‘diet plan’ that comes with the supplement and they also need to exercise according to the given instructions. The reviews say that these pills encourage you to reduce your daily calorie intake. They also encourage you to exercise more.

The natural master-cleanse lemonade diet was designed by Stanley Burroughs to improve digestion and immunity through detoxification of the body. It offered a glowing clear skin and improved concentration too. Weight loss was considered as side effect of detoxification. These days, people opt for lemonade diet pills mainly for weight loss. Traditionally, the drink was taken for 3-30 days or even more. The original diet allowed you to drink 10-12 glasses of specially made lemonade, plain drinking water, salt water and natural herbal tea as a natural laxative, once a day. But now, you are allowed to eat food when on lemonade pills, and still, you can enjoy all the benefits of the original liquid diet.

How Do the Diet Pills Work

You don’t have to worry about where to buy the pills. Various sites provide information on lemonade diet pills and you can buy the pills online. They help improve your digestive health which in turn helps improve your overall health. The antioxidant vitamin C cancels the effects of free radicals and strengthens your immune system. It promotes liver and kidney detoxification. Cayenne pepper helps clear the bowels. Maple syrup provides various B vitamins and minerals and helps maintain the energy level. As the pills promote detoxification, all the body systems start functioning more efficiently. As you get rid of toxins, you feel healthier. Better absorption of vitamins and minerals boosts energy levels and improves mental clarity. If you follow the meal plan and exercise program religiously, you can lose 5, 10, or even up to 17 pounds in 14 days (depending upon your age, original weight and overall health). You are advised to follow the lemonade diet plan for 14 days every two months but the requirement may vary from person to person.

Websites do not explain the nature of the meal plan and the exercise program, so many people find it doubtful. The reviews say that most people experience short-term weight loss. After taking the pills for 14 days, you may start gaining weight again. Some reviews say that the pills contain stimulants. Pregnant and lactating women, and those who have diabetes, high blood pressure, heart diseases, or any other serious illnesses should not opt for the lemonade diet. Medications create toxicity when they are not properly absorbed. Diet pills can interfere with the medicines. They can block the action of these drugs and reduce their effects. So you should discuss with your doctor about your routine medications before opting for the pills.

It is safe to conclude that with this new pill version of the diet, you can throw away toxins from the body and lose weight fast. But it can be a short-term weight loss. Remember, health never comes in a form of a capsule. So, think twice before opting for lemonade diet pills. Healthy weight loss achieved with the help of regular exercise and low-fat, low-calorie diet helps you avoid the severe effects of the diet on the body and helps you lead a healthy and active life.

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