Low-carb Vegetarian Breakfast Ideas

Have you turned to vegetarianism recently? Are you also on a low-carb diet? Then deciding what foods should one have for different meals of the day can be a real tedious task. At least deciding the foods for lunch and dinner can be a little easier as compared to deciding the foods for breakfast. Contrary to popular belief, vegetarian breakfast is as a matter of fact, the best thing to fuel your day. You will be happy to know, that cooking vegetarian meals is rather easy and relatively requires less amount of time to prepare. There is no dearth of low-carb vegetarian breakfast ideas, which can be used to have a different breakfast everyday.

Breakfast Ideas for Low-carb Vegetarian Diet

Having low-carbohydrate meals is a good idea, but it does not mean you go completely off carbohydrates. Consuming too much or too less of carbohydrates can both be dangerous for the system. This rule should be followed for all meals of the day. Often planning for breakfast is a tedious task, this is when the breakfast ideas which are vegetarian and yet low on carb come in handy.

Shakes or Smoothies
If you are looking for a low-carb breakfast option, then having shakes or smoothies is a great idea. It will not only satiate your hunger, but also keep you going for the longest time. You can choose to alternate between shakes and smoothies. At the same time, you cannot forget the different fruits, that you can use to make them. If you do not consume dairy as well, then you have the option of using soy milk. Chia seeds can also be added to the shakes or smoothies to increase the protein content in it.

Cottage Cheese or Tofu
If you have grilled some cottage cheese or tofu for dinner, then you may choose to make some extra helping of the same and use it for breakfast. Having it with a multigrain bread is also a great idea. Alternately, you may choose to make scrambled cottage cheese or tofu as well. It is not only tasty and healthy, but it also keeps you satiated for a longer period of time.

In the low-carb vegetarian diet, you should include as many sprouts as you can. There are many different vegetarian but low-carb breakfast recipes, which you can make using the sprouts. Personally I like sprouts pancake. Making it is a rather easy task. All you will have to do is to grind the sprouts to make a smooth paste. Add salt, pepper and/or any other vegetable, you like. Make a pancake using the batter and relish it hot.

There are a number of beans, which you can convert to make an attractive breakfast. Can you forget the good ol’ baked beans on toast? Different beans should be used every time you make baked beans. Different sauces can also be used to bring some variety in your meals. However, you will have to ensure you have multigrain toast or wheat toast.

One breakfast idea which can never go out of fashion or even go wrong are the cereals. You can opt for any one of the wide range of cereals, my personal favorite being oats. If you do not have a lot of time on hand, then you can have them with milk or with yogurt. If you have some time, then you can choose to make some interesting recipes with them. Add different fruits, if you are adding either milk or yogurt. However, if you like vegetables better, then combine vegetables with yogurt and add it to the cereals. Recently I tried making pancakes with oatmeal and I must agree they turned out absolutely delicious. I soaked oats in buttermilk for 10 to 15 minutes and added salt, pepper to it. I spread the batter on the griddle and topped it with finely chopped onions, tomatoes and green pepper. Not only was it an attractive sight, but also a delicious breakfast.

They make for a great low-carb yet vegetarian breakfast. Choose to make a fruit salad or simply just have the fruit. If you are late to work and do not have time for an elaborate breakfast, then having a fruit on the go is what you can easily do.

These were some of the interesting breakfast ideas, which you can use to whip up a breakfast for yourself. Lemme tell you the best breakfast ideas will come to you once you start experimenting yourself. I just told you the two pancake breakfast recipes I came up with. May be you will be able to come up with something better. Do not forget to keep me in the loop, once you have some great interesting recipe.

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